Enroll More High-Ticket Clients Than You Ever Imagined Possible

Fill your pipeline with willing buyers - without resorting to high pressure "sales" or expensive advertising. Achieve your business goals while helping your clients achieve theirs.

The High-Ticket Incubator is a "Done-With-You" plan. We work with you every step of the way to ensure

your success. All 7 Steps you see below will be supported. Your Strategy Plan, coaching sessions,

group masterminds and all tech set up will be completed together with you and our team.

Nothing left undone; no step or sub-step skipped due to being too busy. Your SUCCESS is assured!

Your High-Ticket Enrollment Plan

Build Your Strategy

Know exactly who your ideal client is, what their challenges and needs are, and where to find them. Develop exactly how you will speak to them so they respond to you proactively and actually seek you out for help.

Evaluate Your Assets

You may have more leads than you know. Take a clear look at all the lists and contacts with whom you have connected till now - in your address books, on LinkedIn and Facebook, in email programs, and more. You may well already have a sizeable list of potential clients - you just need to clearly identify them and develop your content and outreach plan.

If you really don't have any leads to start with, we'll help you get out there and find exactly who is ready to begin their journey and enroll with you.

Organize and Automate

Modern sales enrollment cannot be accomplished without the support of a strong digital platform to organize all data, set up automated communication plans, analyze results in real time and guide each prospect toward a deeper relationship with you and - ultimately, enrolling in your high-ticket program.

Connect and Educate

Develop your content and outreach plan to speak directly to your target clients with meaningful messaging and posting that helps them solve problems and moves them closer to reaching back and asking you for help.

Never be perceived as "selling;" always be helping.

Make Your Offer

Know clearly what you will offer your prospects that will help them immediately solve the problems you can address with them. Make that offer in simple language that connects and moves them to respond and book an appointment with you.

Be the professional who educates, helps and enrolls - never be perceived as "looking for the sale."


It's time to begin the professional relationship. You have connected, educated and motivated your prospect to be ready to seek your help and assistance. Time to enroll them based on the offer you have communicated in clear terms. No pressure needed.

Get your prospect to be asking you, "How can we begin?

Serve and Deliver

Deliver your program in the most efficient way possible, minimizing your time per client and maximizing value and results for your clients.

Leverage technology to communicate more efficiently with your clients and increase profit-per-client for your business.

Utilize group coaching and forum technology to create the "mastermind" effect with your clients while increasing the impact of your system on each of their lives and businesses.

Social Media Management

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Henri Schauffler

Ever since I began consulting and coaching over 500 small business owners from the 1990s, my mission has been to help grow businesses strategically - generating tens of millions of dollars in additional revenue and profit. I am proud to offer The High-Ticket Incubator as the culmination of my many years of service to the coaching, consulting and SMB community. I sincerely hope we can work together.

Your coaching, consulting or entrepreneurial small business is more important now than ever, not only for your livelihood, but for the entire country and economy. It's time to take your business to the next level. Strategize, Evaluate, Connect and Educate, Make Your Offer, and Enroll. Join me on your new journey to enroll more high-ticket clients in your worthy programs than you ever imagined possible.

No fluff, no gimmicks, no complicated procedures – just actionable strategies so you can implement them straight into your business and get results. And we aren't going to simply teach you what to do, we're going to partner with you to get each step done - so your results are assured!

Are you ready to discover the winning strategies and tools top entrepreneurs are using to achieve even higher rates of enrolling clients in high-ticket programs; in this new, virtual era?